Discipline Plan for Girard


A considerable amount of time is spent on teaching children how to behave. Teachers model behavior and teach rules and procedures each moment of the day at the beginning of school. We know that if students know the expectations of the teacher and of the principal and understand the consequences, then the likelihood is greater that they will behave so that optimal learning can occur.


In life, there is a need for procedures so that people can function in society knowing the acceptable and efficient ways other people do things. School is no different. We have a procedure for walking to PE classes and in the hall, eating in the lunchroom, being a nice audience participant, etc. Considerable time is spent TEACHING our students what we expect.  You may see green, yellow and salmon tickets being sent home with your child. Any adult in the school can give a green ticket when we "catch" your child doing something good or a yellow ticket when your child has violated a rule or procedure. They also may receive a salmon ticket if they are not following the uniform dress code. The important thing to remember is that we teach School-Wide Expectations and Procedures very conprehensibly before any conduct folders go home or any yellow tickets are given. School-Wide Expectations are on page 4.

Teachers use steps in their classroom discipline plan. When these steps are exhausted, then the student may be sent to the Counselor, Program Specialist and/or the Principal. There are also steps that the Counselor, Program Specialist and Principal use before sending a student to out of school suspension,or Alternative School, unless there is aggressive behavior involving the safety of your child or someone else. Action is taken immediately in these situations.


This process is necessary because the overall goals and expectations, as outlined on the previous pages, are to provide a safe environment in order that students can be taught and challenged academically. Your child is very important to us. Together, we can support each other in the education of your child.


The following behaviors are examples of unacceptable student conduct:

    • Defience
    • Verbal or physical abuse of peers or staff
    • Threatening, intimidating, and/or bullying others
    • Perisitent disobedience
    • Disruption of the learning environment
    • Destruction of school property or the property of others
    • Possessions of any dangerous object or weapon

 These behaviors can get your child assigned to Alternative School for a specific amount of time. Transportation to Alternative School will not be provided.

 Copies of the Dothan City Board of Education Code of Student Conduct are distributed to each student at the beginning of the school year. Please read it carefully. Sign and return the acknowledgement page.

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